Dr Mohammad Hossein Nekoofar
Immediate Past President of Iranian Association of Endodontists
Director of International Relations, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Cardiff University

The Sealing Ability of Resilon and Gutta-Parcha Following Different Smear Layer Removal Methods: An Ex Vivo Study

Objective. The objective of this study was to compare the ex-vivo sealing ability of Resilon/new Epiphany (SE) sealer to that of gutta-percha/AH-Plus following smear layer removal with EDTA or MTAD. Study design. One hundred extracted single-rooted human teeth were divided into 4 experimental groups and 2 positive and negative control groups. EDTA was used in groups 1 and 2. In groups 3 and 4 MTAD was used. The root canals were then obturated with gutta-percha/AH-Plus in groups 1 and 3 and Resilon/Epiphany (SE) in groups 2 and 4. After sterilization, the samples were coronally exposed to human saliva and monitored every 24 hours for 60 days.
Results: In groups 1, 2, 3, and 4, 45%, 65%, 90%, and 65% of specimens leaked within 60 days, respectively. There were statistically significant differences between group 1 and 3 (P  .05).
Conclusions:  Resilon/Epiphany (SE) system is as effective as gutta-percha/AH-Plus in preventing saliva leakage. MTAD did not adversely affect the sealing ability of Resilon/Epiphany (SE).
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